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Seldom Seen

NEW YORK, New York –  Seldom Seen, an independent pop/ hip-hop artist from New York is back with his dance floor smash “Get up in the lights”produced by PS Beats & GNX Music.  The single will be released on Itunes in late February/ Early March. “Seldom Seen takes pop/hip-hop to a whole different level… His lyrics are unique and creative, flow is perfect, and his voice is impressive.” says Katie, a supporter from

“NY-based hip hop pop artist Seldom Seen is telling fans to act a fool in the latest release of his bass-driven, dance party track “Get Up in the Lights”. If you cannot get enough of the scorching sounds of artists such as Flo-Rida, Pitbull & Neyo, then Seldom Seen has plenty in store for dance-starved music enthusiasts looking to discover some new tunes. “Get Up in the Lights” delivers high-energy rhythms, playful lyrics, and dynamic instrumentals. The track is the perfect dance mix for a night at the club, speeding through the streets with windswept hair, and those times when you feel like tossing your cares aside”

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Seldom Seen aka Seldom has showcased his versatility for over 7 years and has a growing fanbase on Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud.  He popped on the scene with a fresh blend of R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop with songs such as “Stilettos” in 2007.  Hip-Hop is all about being authentic. By meshing his comical and witty rhyme schemes Seldom has fun with the music, staying true to himself.

Internationally Seldom, opened for multi-platinum artists B2K and Akon in Munich, Germany. He co-wrote the song Sweat Tonight (Shake it Baby) which was marketed as the theme for the Munich-based fitness Company Flexi Sports official fitness music mix, performing at several fitness conventions throughout Germany to promote the song.  Seldom gained sponsorship from Germanys K1X clothing line while touring in Europe and also co-wrote Bring it On, which appears on X-Box and Playstations “Narc” video game. Seldom Seen’s “It Might Be Worth It” was featured on Blue Mountain State on Spike TV.

Seldom provides listeners with a fresh, fun “Hip- Pop” sound. He is extremely marketable, an easy sell, image and material wise, with his winning stage presence and clever lyrics. His versatility is seldom seen, touching on pop, r&b, hip-hop and dance genres, he has something for everybody.

The anticipation builds for “Up in the Lights” sure to be a nightlife hit stretching the borders of international clubs everywhere.

Seldom Seen Up In The Lights

Stilettos – Seldom Seen featuring Renee Stakey


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